Board of Trustees

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve has a history of success as a non-profit organization managing the Preserve as a significant natural and educational resource.

We have hundreds of dedicated volunteers and a visionary Board of Trustees who have all exhibited a steadfast resolve that the Preserve of tomorrow will offer the public even more benefit than the Preserve of today.

2016 Trustees

Deborah Agnew

Mark Brownlee, Finance Committee Chair

Jim Bray

Jeff Buckwalter

Karen Budd

Sue Eveland, Recording Secretary

Betsy Falconi

Mark Gallagher, Vice Chair

Michael D. Glenn

Robert Goodwin

Jacqui Griffith

Alison Hargreaves

Michael Lacey

Patricia Ludwig, Board Chair

William MacDowell

James Newbold, Property Chair

Pam Newitt, Education Chair

Lauren Pregmon

Naudain Sellers

Andy Strauss


Carolyn La Vere

Mrs. Lester Minkel

Mrs. Robert Pillsbury



Bruce Barbour

Melissa Calvert

Michael Fleischacker

Roger Latham

Tama Matsuoka-Wong

Leslie Sauer