Be Prepared for Race Day!

Flower To Tower 5k - Bowman's HillThe Flower to Tower 5k at Bowman’s Hill is just a few weeks away! You may have already taken the first few important steps of signing up, training and getting motivated. As we approach the event date and you continue training, you should also keep the following tips in mind for the days leading up to the race.

Relax & Get Plenty of Sleep

If this is your first 5k, you are probably really excited and also really nervous for race day. It’s completely normal to feel nervous before a race, even if it’s not your first. In the days leading up to the race and especially the night before make sure to focus on relaxing activities. Also make sure to get plenty of sleep two nights and especially the night before the race.

Don’t Push Yourself

In the week before the 5k don’t overexert yourself with training. Do easy, short runs of 25 to 30 minutes in the week before the race. You can either rest the day before the race or run a quick 20 minutes just to keep everything loose and flexible. You want to make sure you have enough energy, mentally and physically, for race day.

Eat the Right Food

The night before the Flower to Tower 5k make sure not to overeat. Just eat a normal, healthy dinner of regular portions. Stick to foods that you’ve eaten before runs during your training period. On the morning of the race, aim to eat about two hours before the event. Eat something simple like a bowl of cereal, a protein bar, or a piece of toast or a bagel with peanut butter. It’s really important to eat something with high protein for energy and something you can digest easily. And don’t forget to hydrate!

Bowman Hill 5k - Bucks County PAGet Your Race Clothes Ready 

As race day approaches; check the weather forecast so you can plan your outfit accordingly. Keep in mind that the Flower to Tower 5k Run/Walk course will be shady. Don’t wear any brand new clothes on the day of the event. Wear running clothes that you have been wearing during training so that you are comfortable. Lay your outfit out the night before so you are completely prepared on the morning of.

Get There Early & Warm Up

Give yourself plenty of time the morning of the race so you have time to park, sign-in, go to the bathroom and warm up. It’s important to warm-up before a 5k so you can slowly raise your heart rate and get your muscles ready. About 25 minutes before the race begins, jog for about 10 minutes and then slowly build your pace for 5 minutes. Then, gently stretch any tight muscles after your warm-up.

If you haven’t registered for the Flower to Tower 5k Run/Walk there is still plenty of time! Go to to register. Remember, you don’t have to be a runner to take part in this fun, family event. We will have a 1-mile fun walk for children and people who don’t wish to run and plenty of post-race festivities including: live music from the band, Used Karma, food from Bitter Bob’s of New Hope and massage therapist, Deanna Bender onsite. Join us to RUN THE HILL!

What Makes Our 5k Unique?

In the last few years the popularity of 5ks has increased significantly. These races are much easier to train for than something like a marathon or half-marathon. You can easily work up to running a 5k by training just a few times a week. Not to mention, race day for a 5k is extremely convenient. All you need to do is arrive at the race, warm up for a quick 10 to 20 minutes, race for about 40 minutes, cool down and then just enjoy the post-race activities. Since these races have become so popular, you have many options to choose from if you wish to participate.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose ours, the Flower to Tower 5k Run/Walk as your next event.

The PreserveWitch Hazel

Located in scenic Bucks County, Bowman Hill’s 134-acre site features nearly 800 species of Pennsylvania native trees, ferns, vines, shrubs and herbaceous perennial wildflowers. These include more than 80 native species designated as Plants of Special Concern in Pennsylvania, including rare, endangered and threatened plants. During the month of our 5k in October Witchhazel, or Hammamelis virginiana will be in full bloom. Along with these beautiful seasonal plants, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of our fall foliage and the trees of the preserve. The Flower to Tower course winds through the preserve’s picturesque trails and continues up to Bowman’s Hill Tower.

Our Mission

The Flower to Tower 5k benefits conservation and education programs at the Preserve. We welcome garden clubs, civic groups, senior groups, bus tours, nature organizations, Master Gardeners, schools, scouts and many more to our site to enjoy our fun and educational tours. We also invite families to come out and enjoy one of our programs or simply take a walk on our trails enjoying what nature has to offer together. Our mission is to inspire the appreciation and use of native plants by serving as a sanctuary and an educational resource for conservation and stewardship. With the help of your participation in the Flower to Tower 5k we are able to continue with our mission to the community.

Family Fun

Some 5ks aren’t meant for the entire family to participate, but ours is definitely meant for family fun! For children and those who don’t wish to run the course we will also have a 1-mile Fun Walk that will begin at 8:30 AM on race day. The 5k Run will begin at 9 AM for both children and adults who wish to participate. Whether you are a competitive runner, a casual jogger, or you simply walk for exercise, our event is designed to excite and inspire you and leave you with a real sense of accomplishment. After the race there will be local entertainment, light refreshments and much more family fun!

The Flower to Tower 5k Run/Walk is sure to be a fun, one-of-a-kind event designed for all to enjoy! To register for the event, to view our sponsors or to get more information about the event, go to:

We hope you join us to RUN THE HILL!

Get Ready to Run the Hill!

Flower To Tower 5k - Bowman's HillWelcome to our blog where we will be sharing news, tips and updates about our Flower to Tower 5K Run/Walk! The second annual event will be taking place on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. Last year, running enthusiasts, joggers and casual walkers enjoyed the picturesque trails and the challenge of climbing Bowman’s Hill. Afterwards, participants and their supporters enjoyed local entertainment, family fun and refreshments. If you missed last year’s event, take advantage of this year’s. Registration closes Friday, October 11th and the pricing is as follows:

5k Run (Adult): $25.00

5k Run (Age 14 and Under): $15.00

Fun Walk (Adult): $20.00

Fun Walk (Age 14 and Under): $15.00

Click here to register on

Don’t think you can take on a 5k? Training for a relatively short race like a 5K isn’t as difficult as you would think. Follow the beginner tips below and you will be well on your way to crossing the Flower to Tower finish line!

Create a Training Schedule

It’s important to design a training Flower to Tower 5k- New Hope, Paschedule that is specific to your current fitness level. Ask a friend or family member who has participated in a 5k for some suggestions or simply look online for some helpful tools. During your first week of training, focus on running, jogging or walking 20 to 30 minutes three times a week. It’s important to allow your body to rest and recover in between exercises. Remember, don’t push too hard and allow your body time to work up to the goal. Don’t get frustrated either, your endurance and strength will increase as time goes on so you will be able to run further and faster!

Get the Basic Gear

If you haven’t run in years, or don’t even know where you left your sneakers it may be time to invest in a new pair. Wearing the appropriate footwear and clothing to run in is very important. Find a pair of running shoes that are best for you. Remember that not every shoe is made for everyone, so ask a store employee for some advice. As for clothing, you need to keep in mind that it’s important to choose fabrics that will help wick away perspiration and give your body the chance to breathe.

Prepare Your Mind

If this is your first 5k; remember that both your mind and body need to prep for the event. Stay focused on your training program, eat right and get plenty of sleep. When you are training, listen to some of your favorite music and think about things other than running itself. Try to find a partner to train with because the support itself will be a huge motivator.

Participating in a 5k will add to your physical strength and endurance and most importantly will give you an incredible feeling of self-accomplishment. If you don’t feel comfortable running, we will also have a Fun Walk for both children and walkers. For more information about the Flower to Tower 5K Run/Walk, feel free to contact us.

Remember, this is an adventure and it should be fun! Get ready to run the hill!