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Learn More about microbursts, which Wikipedia calls "one of nature's most dangerous windstorms" here:

July 25th, 2016:  Sudden.  Violent.  Transformative.

On July 25th, with little warning, a quirky, concentrated storm hit out immediate location, felling and severely damaging about two dozen trees in the corner of the property by Aquetong Road and River Road.  A mile away, there was no damage, but here, the storm brought the sudden end of our little roadside woodland.  Significant losses included the lone fruiting native persimmon tree, as well as specimens of ask, maple, and oak – many of them fifty-years old or more. Weather has changed the Preserve before.  Sometimes the decision has been to restore the pre-storm landscape, and other times to evolve the landscape of the Preserve and adapt to nature’s change. 

In this case, reforesting would mean waiting three generations for maturity in a piece of the Preserve that is always on display to passing motorists.  So we decided to plan and plant a meadow of native species on the 22-acre plot after we clear it.  We’ll need a small army of volunteers to help us plant the hundreds of plugs (transplant-sized, nursery-grown plants), but this project will be a major initiative in 2017 and beyond. Please help us defray the expense involved in this unforeseen project, but donating any amount, great or small.  

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