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In the process of upgrading the Bowman's Hill website, we have been having problems with some aspects of the PSI Calculator. Please be patient as we work to resolve these difficulties and return the site to complete (and expanded!) functionality. Our apologies. If you have specific problems, please call the PSI coordinator at 215-862-2924.

When you establish an account and create a list of plants on a site, Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve's Plant Stewardship Index (PSI) Calculator will provide the Coefficient of Conservatism (CC) that has been assigned in your state to each plant. The Calculator also will automatically compute the Mean C value and the Plant Stewardship Index values for any list of plants from New Jersey or from the Piedmont area of Pennsylvania.

Accounts are free. The Preserve is providing free access these lists as a public service and to entice others to become interested in native plants. The Preserve hopes this regional floristic quality database will make important information available to the public and will increase understanding of the native flora in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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